Friday Fashion Flashback: Katy Perry's Crazy Style Evolution

See How Katy Perry's Style Has Changed Over The Years

Katy's Gay-Dar
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Katy Perry has become an international style icon, rocking some of the most unique costumes the world has ever seen!  But it wasn't always that way...

When Katy first kicked off her career back in 2004, her fashion sense was a little, er, rocky... To put it nicely.  She hadn't quite morphed into the  cupcake bra-wearing goddess we know her as today.

However, a few fashion faux pas later, and she began feeling more and more confident in her style.  (Remember that sexy nude and sequined dress she wore to the MTV Movie Awards in 2010?! HOT!)  Not to mention, I'm pretty sure with each breakup she faced, her style gradually changed for the better... Ladies, maybe that's the key to moving on?!

Anyway, launch the gallery above to see how Katy's style has evolved over time! You won't even believe where she started off...



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