Jaime Pressly on the Paparazzi: I Want to “Punch Them and Throw Their Cameras Down”

Stand Against the Paps
Celebuzz take a stand against pap pictures of celeb kids.
Like Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry and other Hollywood moms out there, actress Jaime Pressly isn’t all that thrilled about the paparazzi.

While at a press day for her upcoming movie, A Haunted House 2, the actress — who’s also the mother of 6-year-old Dezi Calvo — sounded off on what she thought of shutterbugs hounding her child when they’re out in public.

“In all fairness, when a bunch of people are in your face, saying mean things trying to get your temper going and you can’t walk, it does drive you mad,” she told Celebuzz. “It does make you want to slap them and punch them and throw their cameras down. I don’t know anybody in this business who’s had that happen to them that doesn’t feel that way. So, when you’re with your child, it’s appalling to you. As a parent and as a mother, it makes the tiger in you come out.”

“Get away from our children. They didn’t ask to be famous,” Pressly continued. “Don’t scare my kid when we can’t walk because there are so many people that they are falling backwards and you’re scaring my child.”

Though Pressly, 36, explained to us that she’s never pulled a full Kanye West on pesky photographers, she admitted she has had a few run-ins with the paparazzi that left a bad taste in her mouth.

“That’s why I’m so passionate about what I am saying,” she said. “When Dezi was a little baby, he got scared so bad [that] I will never forget it.”

“It was dark out and he literally had just woken up [after a flight],” she recalled. “So, imagine being a tiny baby — you know, he was like 8-months-old — and I’m holding him and he had just woken up and we walk outside and I am surrounded by paparazzi where I can’t turn around. I can’t move. I can’t get out and the lights are flashing. My son was more than scared. He was screaming.”

Not to let the entertainment industry interfere with her private life, Pressly told us that she’d never take her son out of school because of work.

“My son will not ever be allowed to take time off of school. If he’s in college then I would say he can take a break and go back because college will always be there,” she told us, adding that she was so glad that her son got to stay in school while she filmed A Haunted House 2, which was shot just outside of Los Angeles. “But my son is going to go to school. That’s not an option.”

“After he’s 18, he’ll be an adult and he can fight for himself. But not before then.”

A Haunted House 2 opens Friday, April 18.