Jared Leto Poses With Jesus

Naked Jared Leto
Actor Jared Leto strips for Terry Richardson.
We all know Jared Leto’s locks are quite angelic… But who knew they could summon Jesus Christ himself?

The 42-year-old Oscar winner took to Instagram yesterday to share an amazing photo beside a Jesus look-alike whom Jared also closely resembles.

The 30 Seconds to Mars rocker captioned the photo, “Jesus and I,” which is actually grammatically incorrect.  As our editor Robert Kessler pointed out, it should read, “Jesus and Me.”   But who’s really counting?

Though we’re not quite sure where the pair ran into each other, the timing is impeccable with today being Good Friday and Sunday being Easter.

Leto also shared another photo of himself from Coachella, wearing a cut off with his Jesus-like locks flowing ever so beautifully in the wind.  “Long hair don’t care,” he captioned the pic.

Please keep these amazing photos coming, Jared!