Justin Bieber Crashes Drake Bell’s Album Release Party, Continues Feud

Looks like Justin Bieber got his revenge on Drake Bell.

The Drake & Josh star has been publicly slamming the Biebs lately, calling him “talentless” and even tweeting that his graffiti is “almost as bad as his music.”

So the “Boyfriend” crooner took matters into his own hands last night…

Bell was throwing his album release party for Ready Steady Go at Mixology at the Grove in Los Angeles when Bieber had his chauffeured van drive directly in front of the entrance.  The 20-year-old pop star made sure to stick his head out of the car and wave to fans just to stir up even more commotion.

Of course, Beliebers came rushing and screaming over, taking all eyes off Drake’s party and putting the spotlight on the Biebs.

Drake heard the commotion and stepped onto the balcony to catch Bieber in the act… And somehow this image was created and shared (then deleted) from Justin’s instagram account:


Meanwhile, Drake also took to social media to stir the pot:


Yeah, I don’t think Bieber was trying to get in, Drake.  More like… Trying to get even.

We’re sure the feud is bound to continue after this one.