Kendra Wilkinson’s Pregnancy Glow Shines in This Makeup-Free

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is just as gorgeous without any makeup on!

The expecting mommy took to Instagram today to share this au naturel selfie while getting ready for a nice little prenatal massage.

With her tousled hair, bright blue eyes and perfect skin, it looks like the pregnancy glow is really shining through!

She captioned the photo, “At the spa for a pregnancy massage taking a selfie for @CancerandCareers @QVC #BeautywithBenefits.”

The blonde bombshell has been getting a lot of relaxation lately before baby No. 2 comes in May (a birth we might get to watch LIVE!).

She was recently spotted in Santa Barbara with her two boys, showing off her ever-growing baby bump while hanging out at the beach… And I gotta be honest, she looks like she’s just about ready to pop!

Anyway, launch the gallery above to see all the celebrities who have shared makeup-free selfies in the past!