Lady Gaga Shares Makeup-Free Selfie After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Only Mother Monster could share a makeup-free selfie after undergoing surgery and still manage to look #FLAWLESS… Bye, Beyoncé!

After getting her wisdom teeth removed yesterday, Lady Gaga decided to document her recovery on Twitter… Sharing a natural-faced photo that has me wondering why she even wears makeup at all.

The pop star is all snuggled up in bed with a wide-eyed monkey stuffed animal, pouting for the camera.


Um… That is not at ALL what I looked like after getting my wisdom teeth removed.  I’m pretty sure I had dried up drool stuck to the sides of my cheeks and couldn’t see straight for two days from all the pain killers. But Gaga being Gaga somehow managed to stun after her surgery… And find some humor throughout the process.



Obviously, she was singing this to the same tune as “Poker Face.”

The 28-year-old singer only has a few weeks to recuperate before kicking off her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour, which begins May 4 in Florida.

“I’m so excited for tour, I’m going to give ARTPOP the celebration it deserves.  Every night, raging inspired moments of creative revolution,” she shared yesterday with all her fans.

But, first thing’s first Mother Monster… YOU GOTTA RECOVER!