Matt Bomer Somehow Manages to Make Walking Look Sexy

Do you love Matt Bomer? Of course you do.

Do you know how I know that? Because everybody loves Matt Bomer! And with good reason. The very sexy star of White Collar was spotted in Hollywood yesterday grabbing some lunch at Urth Cafe. But Matt, why are you lunching alone? Why didn’t you give me a call? I would have come right over. 

Matt should be a busy little bee in the coming months. He’s got The Normal Heart to promote–which looks amazing–the last season of White Collar to shoot and the sequel to Magic Mike coming up. So. Much. Bomer.

And absolutely no one is complaining. See, if he was just handsome, it would be one thing. But he’s also an amazing human being. Matt, I love you loads. Check out all the photos of the actor looking very attractive in the gallery. There’s even a peak at some Bomer chest!

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