13 Celebs Who Are Definitely Celebrating 4/20

Miley Ranked
We break down her year in covers.
Did you know Sunday is National Pot Smoking Day? Happy 4/20 to everyone celebrating!

We know a number of stars who will probably have an extra great Sunday. From Snoop Dogg to Justin Timberlake, check out 13 celebs who have admitted to smoking weed in the past! 

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are two celebrities that have been very open about their use of marijuana. Whether they told a magazine, talked about it during an interview, or posted about it on social media, these two stars are very candid when it comes to smoking weed.

Even movie stars like  Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Aniston have spoken out about smoking pot. That’s right, “America’s Sweetheart” Jennifer Aniston admitted she smokes!

Want to know what other stars will be celebrating 4/20? Check out our gallery!