VIDEO: Idina Menzel Performed Her Classic “Rent” Duet with Charitable “If/Then” Audience Members

Adele Dazeem,…I mean Idina Menzel, has been belting her way towards another Tony nomination in the new musical If/Then since early March, but it’s only recently that people have really been talking about the show. And they’re talking about it because she keeps singing music from Rent as if that’s the show people have been paying to see.

In an effort to raise money for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, Idina, who originated the role of Maureen way back in 1996, has been auctioning off the chance to come on stage and sing with her. First it was “Seasons of Love,” and just last night she resurrected her famous duet “Take Me or Leave Me.”

The viral moments are even cooler because Anthony Raap, who starred along Idina in Rent, is back at her side in If/Then.

And it’s only a matter of time before the duo start dancing on tables to the tune of “La Vie Boheme,” so buy those tickets kids!