Kourtney Kardashian Continues Her Bikini-clad, Mexican Birthday Weekend

Kourtney Kardashian loves being dirrty with Scott Disick.
What better way is there to enjoy your birthday weekend than alongside your family, in a bathing suit, and under the Mexican sun? The answer is that there isn’t any better way and Kourtney Kardashian was the only person to get it right!

The eldest Kardashian sister was spotted in Los Cabos, Mexico over the weekend, which just so happened to coincide with her 35th birthday. Of course, her immediate family was all in the mix as well.

Scott Disick, Mason, and Penelope were all right next to her, enjoying the sun, sand, and the pool all the same.

And if you’re wondering what she’s up to on this fabulous Easter Sunday, I’ll give you three guesses.