Allow Katy Perry To Introduce You To Some of Her Alter-Egos

We’ve always known Katy Perry to be a little wacky, but this is truly out there. To preview the music video for her new single “Birthday,” which will be released on Thursday, here is a short little video introducing us to all the characters that Perry will be playing in the video, one would assume. There’s also the chance that she and her makeup person just got bored the other day and slapped this together. But I doubt it.

Anyway, while the aesthetic for the “Dark Horse” video is best described as “historically-inaccurate hip-hop Egypt,” it looks like she’s going for a “highly dysfunctional birthday celebration” vibe for this one. I guess the real hero of the story is me, whose birthday falls just two days after the release of the music video, making it, unofficially, a celebration of me. Now, this is how we do.

Anyway, get a good hard look at Goldie, Yosef, Kriss, Ace and Princess Mandee. They’re our future.