Buckle Up, Because Avril Lavigne’s New Music Video Is Going to Take You for a Ride

Hoo boy, this thing sure is a lot to take in. Here is the music video for Avril Lavigne’s new song “Hello Kitty,” in which “kitty” both represents her lover and her own… kitty. Because what’s a good pop song without a couple mixed metaphors?

The video finds the Canadian singer in Japan where she fools around in a candy store, orders some sushi and pals around with some Japanese backup dancers. It looks sort of like what would happen if you meshed Gwen Stefani circa “Hollaback Girl” and Katy Perry circa “California Girls” into one.

The song itself is something of a new sound for Lavigne who usually sticks to her rock-pop roots, but here ventures into the techno-pop territory, to polarizing results.

Lavigne’s always had a penchant for outrageous music videos, and this one is certainly out there. She left Danica McKellar at home this time though.