Ouch! Blake Lively Injures Hand on ‘The Age of Adaline’ Set

Blake Lively Gets Leggy
Blake flashes her infamous legs at a benefit in NYC.
Who ever said that acting wasn’t a dangerous job?

Actress Blake Lively slipped and went boom as she fell down a hill while filming a scene on the set of The Age Of Adaline in Vancouver, Canada yesterday (April 21, 2014).

Blake screamed in pain at first but after checking out the cut and blood on her hand started to laugh with the rest of the crew.

In the film, Lively plays the role of Adaline, a woman born at the turn of the 20th century but stops aging after recovering from a near-fatal accident.

Adaline embarks on a long and epic but isolated journey until she finally meets a man who just might be worth losing her immortality for.

Lively previously told Vogue UKthat she’s looking forward to wearing Adaline’s wardrobe that dates back to the 1900s up to the present time.

“One of the most exciting parts of it is that it spans from the 1900s until now. The fashion is amazing, and my character gets to experience all of the different time periods and tell the story through fashion,” said the actress.

See more pics of Blake Lively on set by launching the gallery above.