Tuesday Ten: 10 Fabulous Confidence-Boosting Styles With Celeb Stylist Elizabeth Stewart

Ladies, what’s your go-to piece of clothing when you know you’re about to have a big day?  Is it a form-fitting red dress?  A pair of stiletto heels? An awesome pop of color?

Well, celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart is dishing some of the confidence-boosting pieces her A-lister clients pull when they need a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to make them feel great!

Elizabeth has styled everyone from Amanda Seyfried to Jessica Chastain, Julia Roberts and even Sandra Bullock… And for today’s edition of Tuesday Ten she’s helping the rest of us build confidence like those leading ladies–All through some must-have styles she found at Marshalls!

Launch the video above to see what you need in your closet for the days you want that extra boost of confidence.

What’s your favorite confidence-boosting piece? Sound off in the comments below!