Dean McDermott Isn’t The Only One With Secrets

The spotlight has rested heavily upon Dean McDermott lately following the confession that he cheated on wife Tori Spelling and checked into rehab for sex addiction.

However, it appears Dean isn’t the only one with a few secrets to hide…

Reports have surfaced that Tori struggles with abusing pain medications such as Vicodin and Oxycodone.

A source (who passed a polygraph test) told Star Magazine that the 90210 star has been taking pain medication for migraines amid marriage struggles with McDermott.  However, the actress has been taking the medications more recreationally than for medical purposes.

“She abuses pain pills.  I have seen huge bottles of Vicodin and Oxycodone while I was visiting her.  Once I saw her at lunch, popping Vicodin with wine–which you shouldn’t do,” the source allegedly told the magazine.

“Once she offered me a Vicodin when we were all out to dinner, and when I passed, she offered me a Norco that was even stronger than Vicodin!”

The source then continued saying that the very slender 40-year-old has Vicodin for migraines but takes it to “kill her appetite” and “feel fuzzy inside.”

“She thinks a visible rib cage is sexy,” the source went on, claiming Tori wants to be extremely thin.

Meanwhile, Tori has been struggling in her marriage with Dean over the inability to please him sexually, which we witness in her new docu-series True Tori.

Thus far, there has been no mention of her struggle with prescription drug use.