Kris Jenner’s Sister Karen Houghton Has a Few Words For the Reality Star

We’ve seen all the drama break down right in front of our eyes on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but it looks like Kris Jenner has some other stuff going on outside of the show with her non-famous family members.

Karen Houghton, the reality star’s sister, got a little nutty on social media earlier this week, calling Kris out as an alcoholic who needs help.

Karen posted a status saying, “Pray for Kris Jenner she needs it… crazy.”

Then, in a comment below she wrote, “Shes as nutcase [sic]… She doesn’t need prayers she needs sky vodka hahaha hahaha hahaha.”

Yikes! Not exactly the most sisterly thing to say… And yet Houghton claims she’s acting out like this becausethey’re sisters.

“I get pissed off at her because she doesn’t respond to me.  If you think your sister would call you back, she doesn’t.  And it hurts me,” she explained to RadarOnline.  “I don’t care how much money you have or who you are, you’re my sister.  I’m not afraid of her.”

Apparently, the reality star momager has distanced herself from Houghton.

“I can’t get to her anymore.  But I guess it’s the money,” Karen went on.

But if I had to guess, the Jenner and Kardashian clan have probably cut out “Crazy Auntie K” because of the negative publicity she’s been sharing about the famous family, even going as far as saying Kris is a “monster mother.”

Houghton ended the interview, saying, “I think she’s changed since I grew up with her.  The whole Bruce separation might be a gimmick.  The divorce might be a gimmick.  The whole drinking thing might be a gimmick.  I don’t know what to believe with them or not.”

She also made sure to end her Facebook rant with this photo:

Unfortunately for Karen, when it comes to the real “nut” of the family, all signs point to her…