Will and Kate Take DJ Lessons Down Under

up close and personal
Will and Kate are greeted by men in thongs in New Zealand.
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tour of Australia and New Zealand has placed them in several unnatural positions. For instance, making small talk with a man in a thong. But they were perhaps at their most awkward Wednesday when the two got DJ lessons at a youth center in Adelaide, Australia.

In case there was any question before, Will and Kate clearly don’t have a whole lot of nightclubbing experience. In fact I think we all know which royal this was really a job for. And where is Harry when you need him? God knows he’s spent more than one sunrise in a dark club, spinning “God Bless the Queen” or whatever they’re listening to in London nightclubs these days.

Anyway here’s video of the two taking their turn spinning. As you can see, Kate’s scratching is just slightly better than her husband’s, but I’m not encouraging anyone here to renounce their title in favor of a new career.