Battle of The Green Queens: Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Jessica Alba

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Pricey GOOP
10 expensive items from Gwyneth's newsletter.
Nothing is better than two women who swear by an all-natural lifestyle going at it over who lives a greener life… Thank you, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba!

If this isn’t the most “Hollywood” catfight ever, I don’t know what is…

So the story goes: The latest Goop newsletter features a bunch of green products that Gwyneth and her Goop minions were using, but came to find out they weren’t as “safe” as other products on the market.

“Many of the ‘clean’ products I proudly use (and have even touted on goop) have turned out to be a product of marketing, rather than actually safe,” GP writes in the newsletter introduction.

It just so happens that Jessica Alba’s Honest Company All-Purpose Cleanser is one of those products, and they’re giving it the boot after grading it a C.

Though the ladies aren’t necessarily enemies and even spent some time together at Gwen Stefani’s baby shower in February, Alba has made some snarky comments about the Goop creator.

While Alba was promoting her book The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You last year, someone asked if her book was partly inspired by Paltrow.

Alba was quick to respond, “Gwyneth Paltrow probably lives a very similar lifestyle, but I didn’t grow up with a bunch of money, so my tips are much more grounded: repurposing things and making things at home.”

And she’s got a point… Goop is definitely one of the most pretentious sites out there.

Nonetheless, I wonder if this is Gwyneth’s way of getting back at Alba for her previous comments…

Oh, the drama!