Cameron Diaz May Hate Deodorant, But the First Line on Her Résumé Still Reads ‘Movie Star’

Cameron Diaz has mostly been making headlines lately for saying things along the lines of “BOO! Down with deodorant!” and “YEAH! More pubic hair!” and “MMM! My vagina so hungry!” But did you know she also has a movie coming out? It is called The Other Woman, and Nicki Minaj is in it too! Nicki has yet to comment on her own hungry vagina, but we’re all free to make assumptions. This is America. We love making assumptions in America. We also love today’s winning captions.

“Leslie: *I’ve been calling her Carmen this whole time omg how embarrassing*
Cameron: *call me Carmen one more time bitch and see what happens*” – Kimberly

“Who said you could talk!” – Clare

“Your not wearing anti-persperant – that explains a lot.” – Steve

“Please tell me you did not just do what i think you did with that no good, dirty rotten, son of a biscuit eatin pig last night?” – Liz

“Really bitch? You suppose to follow my lead! Da hell wrong with you?!” – Janae

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