Katy Perry’s New Music Video Is Just a Candid Camera Compilation of Her Ruining People’s Birthday Parties

The various atrocities committed in Katy Perry’s music video for “Birthday” include making a group of children cry, stealing a child’s birthday present, destroying several strangers’ birthday cakes and forcibly removing a senior citizen’s prosthetic foot. It’s a rollicking good time for almost no one. But she takes pictures with some fans at the end, so I guess it’s all okay?

The basic miscalculation behind the premise for Katy Perry’s “Birthday” music video is that it’s fun to watch a famous pop star in costume ruining innocent strangers’ birthday parties. It’s not. And just because she takes off her wig at the end doesn’t mean she didn’t traumatize some young children by staging a car crash outside the park in which they’re playing.

“Birthday” is, perhaps, the campiest song on all of Prism and could have easily been translated into a very entertaining music video. This song has everything Katy Perry needs: sweets-related body part puns, balloons-as-breasts double entendre and the opportunity for a whole slew of brightly-colored outfits. She should have stuck to what she knows.