Zac Efron Says Seth Rogen Makes Him Funnier

Zac and Halston
Zac Efron and Halston Sage get close courtside.
Actor Zac Efron was mobbed by teenage fans earlier today (April 24, 2014) as he signed autographs for fans outside the BBC Radio One studios in London, England.

The actor is in the midst of promoting his new comedy Neighbors which co-stars funny man Seth Rogen.

Apparently Zac is a huge fan of Seth and was recently singing his praises.

“[Seth’s laugh] it makes everything funny. He passes the Seth energy on, for sure. He makes everybody funny,” Zac revealed to Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.

As well as starring in the movie, Seth also took on the role of producer. Zac enjoyed the experience of being ordered around by Seth so much that he found himself wishing it could happen in every one of his films.

“I wish Seth would produce every film I’m in, he’s great,” he laughed. “Seth really kind of takes the lead, setting the pace and tone for everybody. What Seth is really able to do is ground everything, he’s a great idea guy, he’s fun to improv with. I’ve always appreciated Seth’s sense of humor, his sensibility. It’s so honest, so self-deprecating.”

He added: “Our relationship never changes, I wish Seth could produce every film I’m in, he kind of just takes the lead he is always setting the pace and the tone for everybody. He helped the director, Nicholas Stoller, that’s what Seth is able to do, ground everything. He is a great idea guy, and he’s great to improvise with.”

That is definitely one ringing endorsement of Seth Rogen.

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