Learning About Life! And Love! With Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland

It’s a well-known fact that you should always take Taylor Swift’s advice, because at the age of 24, she is arguably the biggest pop star in the world, and she knows a thing or two about dating pretty attractive men. So pay attention, Sarah Hyland, and not just to TayTay’s advice! Also pay attention to today’s winning captions!

“you dont just write one song after he leaves you, you write a whole album UNDERSTAND ?!!” – Ahmed

“Don’t you go crying over a guy! You write a song about him, make money from it, and move on to a new guy. Repeat.” – Ashley

“I told u to stay away from harry styles” – Nan

“Oh please Taylor i don’t need relationship advice, i can keep a man longer than you can” – Stephanie

“Don’t make me write a song about our relationship!” – John

“now remember what I told you pick boys that you know are bad for you so you will have material for your songs” – Brandi

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