QUIZ: What Celebrity Girl Clique Would You Want to be Part Of?

The new film coming out TODAY, “The Other Woman” (with our loves Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Nicki Minaj!), has us thinking about the power structure of “girl world.” Call it “girl power,” if you will. It’s not an entirely new concept to wrap our heads around (remember how life changing “Mean Girls” was?… Yeah. So fetch). Rather, it’s something we have come to accept as “inherently understood” among us girls, and this is instilled in us early on in our childhood development (… yes, I’m talking about the days of sandboxes, playgrounds and pigtails…aka. “yesteryear”).

The ultimate “girl power” is having a kick-ass best friend that you would literally do anything for. Your “bestie” helps define you, and vice versa. You’re a unit, a force, “partners-in-crime” and it makes everyone jealous, which, only proves time and time again that you’re buds 4 lyfe.

We admire these celebrity girl cliques, because we can’t help but relate them to our besties and us. We encourage you to choose which celebrity girl clique you think relates the most to you and your bff, and share/ tag/ spam them with your answer. If the two of you are the “peas-in-the-pod” you believe you are, the answer should be unanimous.

Don’t miss Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann’s quirky and amazing girl crew in “The Other Woman” (in theatres today! – see the trailer below! Need we mention it will be Nicki Minaj’s first acting role?! Grab your besties for a Girl’s Night Out, this movie will not disappoint.