Miley Cyrus Invited a Photographer, His Projector, And Some Pancakes Into Her Recovery Bed

Miley Cyrus on Instagram
Miley Cyrus gets emotional during a tribute to her dog Floyd. Watch »

Oh, you know, she's just bein' Miley and what not, but considering she put her North American tour on hold and has been too sick to perform lately, Miley Cyrus might consider not posting any more "art" to Instagram.

Late Friday, the "Adore You" singer stopped posting pictures of her sickness and started sharing some very Kubrick-like imagery with her fans.

Armed with a projector, bright lights, and even pancakes, an artist can be seen taking pictures of Miley in what appears to be her bed.

Cyrus tagged someone called "@waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen" in the posts, but that profile is either private or doesn't actually exist.

Either way, I'd say that Miley should spend some more time trying to reconnect with her fans and stop trying to be artsy. It really isn't cute any more.



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  • thebutlerdidit

    Holy cow, you actually called Wayne Coyne from the legendary "The Flaming Lips," a "photographer?" You are chastising Miley, while completely uninformed, and it's your job? She's doing art for their collaboration on the upcoming Lips album, doesn't need your advice, she's doing her job, twit. Lol

  • Robin Gibson
    Robin Gibson

    Photog is Wayne coyne-flaming lips. That's his old Instagram