10 Celebrites Who Went Boom

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Bieber Collapses On Stage
The singer was rushed off stage after falling to the floor.
Typically, when someone sees a falling star they are suppose to make a wish and hope for it to come true. In this case… it is the opposite.  Falling stars can be a celebrity’s worst nightmare when they are actually the falling star.

Celebrities are in difficult situations when every move is closely watched. Whether it is performing in front of a live audience or walking a red carpet, a lot of pressure and stress can be involved.  Celebrities tend to be seen as perfect human beings, but they all have their downfalls… literally. Even Queen B had her moment while performing for a large crowd.  These instances in life just tend to happen.

Hopefully, this makes us feel a little bit better about our clumsy self.  Check to see if you have seen a falling star and I guess you can make a wish too.