10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum's a Star
'GQ' names Tatum 'Movie Star of the Year.'
Happy Birthday Channing Tatum!

The handsome actor turns 34 today! How do you think he’s celebrating? Well, we decided that we’re going to celebrate by creating a gallery just for him! Want to learn more about the charming Channing? Take a look at our gallery! We’ve collected 10 facts about this talented actor that you NEED to know.

It’s pretty obvious that Channing is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, but he’s much more than a pretty face. Channing is a successful producer, a big philanthropist, and a dedicated husband and father. Basically, he’s the man of our dreams.

Channing had a breakout role in 2006’s Step Up and his career has been on fire ever since. Not only did Step Up launch his career, but it also introduced him to his future wife Jenna Dewan. The couple got together after the movie wrapped and then married in 2009. Lucky girl!

Since the release of Step Up, Channing has starred in some major movies like The Vow, 21 Jump Street, and Magic Mike. Fans everywhere love Channing and want to know everything about him. So, as a Channing-birthday treat, we’re going to give you some details about him that you might not know! Sound good? Check out the gallery to see all of the facts we found about Channing!

After you scroll through the gallery, let us know what you think of the facts! Which fact surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments!