Nothing Comes Between Neil Patrick Harris and His Calvins, Except for a Pair of Five Inch Heels

The dust has barely settled on the final season of How I Met Your Mother, but Neil Patrick Harris has already moved on to bigger, better, and much more sparkly things.

Currently starring in a revival of John Cameron Mitchell’s cult classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Neil is spending six nights a week in more makeup, hair, and costume changes than most arena  bound pop princesses.

And it seems that, as soon as the show is over, the child star turned comedy genius appreciates a nice relaxing sit-down in his best pair of undies.

The photo comes via Vulture, which snagged an interview this week following the official opening of the show on Broadway. On how his body looks so amazing in his skin-tight costumes, Neil shed a little light, “I try not to eat. [Laughs.] Which is hard. ‘Cause apparently you need sustenance to exist.”

Seriously though, Harris commands the stage better than 80% of the “artists” who tour the country on a regular basis and without the help of auto tune or backup dancers. If you fancy an amazing drag show, rock’n’roll music, and a serious dose of snark, make sure to catch Hedwig before Neil wins a Tony and tickets become impossible to find.

If the show is good enough for Katy Perry, it’s good enough for me.