Did Justin Bieber Steal From Paramore?

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And that's what you get when you don't do your research.

Justin Bieber was in hot water again and became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter when fans of Paramore rioted launched an online campaign against Beliebers and accused His Holiness of Saggy Pants of ripping off their beloved American rock trio.

The online riff between the two fandoms began when Bieber tweeted out a link to his new track, "We Were Born For This," along with an image that looked eerily similar to the cover art of Paramore's 2007's album, RiotThough this could've been all interpreted as just a coincidence in typography -- I mean, Helvetica is so passé -- the plot thickened when people read the track-listing of the Paramore LP and realized that the band too had a track called "Born For This." Dun-dun-dun!

justin bieber we were born for this paramore Above: Image Justin Bieber used to promote his new song "We Were Born For This" / Below: The back of Paramore's "Riot!" album paramore riot! album art cover back track listing

However, one user was quick to note that Bieber had not purposefully plagiarized Paramore, but that the Canadian crooner simply used a fan art that had been floating around Tumblr since 2011.

While both fanbases continued to freak out about the alleged theft, Paramore's own frontwoman, Hayley Williams, expressed to her own Twitter followers that she's taking everything with a grain of salt. She wrote to her fans amid the drama:

All in all, maybe Biebs should think about taking some simple Photoshop lessons to avoid this sort of mishap.



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  • Lakeya Shipley
    Lakeya Shipley

    Bieber has a team of people who does his work. He didn't purposely do it his self! Relax people

  • Theodore Mander
    Theodore Mander

    there clearly are similarities but the wording is slightly different and Beibers version is in all capital letters. People are inspired by other artists all the time and change things slightly and make it their own. People just love to hate this kid and will find anything to complain about. Who the fk cares honestly? If you don't like what he is doing don't pay attention and if you rather go listen to Paramore fine..... Why should it even bother you? I highly doubt the songs sound similar at all.