Justin Bieber Finds It ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’

Justin Bieber is still knee deep in legal problems right now, so it’s a good thing that he has music to fall back on.

Amidst facing assault charges and undergoing a DUI trial, the Canadian singer has retreated to the recording studio and released a new song aptly titled “Hard 2 Face Reality.” Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up.

Bieber debuted the slow-jam featuring Poo Bear — again, this is all real, folks — on his SoundCloud this weekend.

“Sometimes it’s hard to face reality / Even though you might get mad at me / Sometimes it’s hard to face reality,” he crooned on the track. “It ain’t easy all alone / Relationships over the phone / Talkin’ to your significant other all night long.”

Given that Bizzle has been all hung up on Selena Gomez lately, many fans have been suspecting that the new song is about the 20-year-old’s ex-girlfriend. And given that SelGo herself has been dragged into Biebs’ legal problems, I’m guessing she’s finding it hard 2 to face reality too.