Tom Daley’s Back at Work, in Therapy and Wearing a Speedo

Tom Daley is Taken
Tom Daley reveals his in a relationship with a man.
Olympic diver Tom Daley is seen here competing in the FINA/NVC Diving World Series at the London Aquatics Centre yesterday (April 27, 2014) in London, England.

Daley missed out on a medal on his competitive return to the London Aquatics Centre, finishing fifth.

He scored just 61.2 for the back two-and-a-half somersault, two-and-a-half twists from the pike position.

It is the same dive the Briton had to repeat during the Olympics after an ill-timed camera flash and he has not been able to land a satisfactory attempt in competition since. After his fifth-placed finish Daley admitted he was struggling to overcome the fear-factor that now surrounded the dive.

“The scale of this issue is massive,” he said. “I’m trying every single thing possible to try and get it back to normal. I’m going under different types of therapy.”

“It is almost trauma therapy – to get myself to process the things that have gone wrong on it to get it to a stage where I can forget about it and feel positive about it.”

“I’m literally terrified of it,” Daley told BBC Sport. “I’m going to see a therapist about it again, because it’s almost become a bit of a phobia.”

Daley, who is currently dating screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, were spotted partying with the Canadian swimming team on Sunday night.

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