Rihanna’s Least Favorite Sport? Brasketball!

Another joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Rihanna’s knockers. Rihanna’s knockers who? Wait, I messed it up. Let me try again! Knock knock? Who’s there? Today’s winning captions. Today’s winning captions who? Dammit!

“*should have worn a bra*” – Sonia

“Do you think by wearing leopard print you are camouflaged? Do you know who your sitting next to? Now smile for the camera cuz my nipple has to make appearance. .” – Dawn

“She’s like ‘Mmph, look at those ratchet b*tches over there'” – Francisco

“Stop staring at my nipples and watch the game” – Robert

“He sexy as…….. wait, close ya mouth, he gay.” – Takita

“Girl you better stop smacking that gum give it here!!!” – Mike

“I told you someone else would be wearing your exact outfit” – Jeffrey

“no basic zone, you can’t hang with us” – Victoria

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