Elizabeth Banks Reveals Her Thoughts on ‘Walk of Shame’ and Past Co-Stars

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What’s not to love about Elizabeth Banks? She’s hilarious, gorgeous, talented, this woman has it all!

It’s no wonder that Elizabeth’s one of Hollywood’s top actresses, she’s got serious acting skills. Those skills have lead her to star in movies with other big-name celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen. Want to find out what Elizabeth thinks of her former co-stars? Take a look at our gallery! 

Elizabeth has played some memorable characters throughout her career. From the iconic Effie Trinket in Hunger Games to a hilariously tense pregnant woman in What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Whenever she was on the screen we couldn’t take our eyes off of her! Though those films starred some other huge celebrities, Elizabeth was definitely the standout actor!

As a result of starring in movies and television shows with A-List celebs, Elizabeth now considers a lot of them to be her good friends. Lucky her! Elizabeth’s even taken a step behind the camera and directed some of those big celebrities too! Now that’s an intimidating job!

Want to hear what Elizabeth has to say about her former co-stars? Check out our gallery! Elizabeth played a game of word association that you’re not going to want to miss! She even talks about her latest co-stars from her new film Walk of Shame

Elizabeth Banks‘ film Walk of Shame will be released in theaters and On Demand this Friday, May 2nd. To celebrate her new film hitting your local movie theater, she is taking over Celebuzz today! Check back throughout the day to see all the fun we had with Elizabeth, and make sure to check out Walk of Shame on Friday. Make sure to follow Elizabeth Banks on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Walk of Shame on Twitter and Facebook.