Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Za Sentenced to Probation, Community Service for Drug Possession

Bieber's Pal Speaks
Lil Za lashes out following police raid arrest.
Remember when Justin Bieber had his house raided after he threw eggs at his neighbor’s home? And then remember when his pal, Lil Za, was arrested not once, but twice after the cops found him in possession of drugs? Well, the verdict is out on that case.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced that Lil Pizza Lil Za, whose real name is Xavier Domonique Smith, was sentenced to three years felony probation and 20 days of community labor. He was also ordered to enter a drug program and fined $1,600.

Za, 20, was convicted on one felony count of the possession of ecstasy and a misdemeanor count of damaging property.

The aspiring rapper was arrested this January after the cops raided Bieber’s Calabasas, Calif., mansion in search of evidence in connection to an egging incident in the neighborhood. When authorities found drugs belonging to Za on the premise, he was immediately arrested. While in custody, Za reportedly ripped a phone off the wall in his holding cell, resulting in the police booking him again for vandalism.

After he was released, Za blamed racism and the media for his arrest.

“Some stuff I’ve done has been wrong yes. But look at the position I’m in and the color of my skin,” Za wrote in a now-deleted — presumably out of embarrassment — tweet. “Honestly, the media is making me someone I’m not. But only those in my shoes can relate … These ppl get paid to make you look bad.”

Really? Because I’m sure as hell I didn’t pay you to be carrying MDMA around a no-good punk.