10 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Stone

We just can’t get enough of Emma Stone!

Seriously, we love everything about Emma. From her amazing acting skills to her hilarious personality, this girl has it all! Now, since we’re Emma-obssesed, we happen to know a lot of fun facts about this leading lady. Want to know more about Emma? Check out our gallery!

Emma had a breakout performance in 2007’s Superbad and after that her career took off. She became Hollywood’s “It Girl” and starred in some major movies like Easy A and The Help. Over time, Emma has shown she can play a variety of characters from hilarious hotties to serious sirens. No matter what role she plays, Emma always knocks it out of the park!

Without question, Emma’s had a really great few years. She started dating her Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield, graced numerous magazine covers, and starred in two movies with Ryan Gosling! Jealous!

It’s no secret that Emma has gained a massive fanbase over the years. As a result, people want to know all about Emma and learn as much about her past as possible. If you’re one of those fans, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Check out our gallery to uncover 10 things you didn’t know about Emma Stone. We’re spilling major Emma secrets that you’re going to love!

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