‘Star Wars’ Goes ‘Girls’ and Other Funny Things

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The Internet: a magical place where anything can happen. Take, for example, the combining of Star Wars and Girls, one arguably the most popular film franchise of all time and the other a TV show you may or not be watching. And yet, what a fine pair they make, as you will soon see. You will also see a recutting of Dumb and Dumber to make it look like an epic drama, an honest trailer for the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and some Mad Men goodies! May the LOLs be with you…

Mashable mashed up these Star Wars GIFs with quotes from Girls in honor of the show’s Adam Driver landing a role in Episode VII:

If Dumb and Dumber were an epic drama…

BuzzFeed wonders what Mad Men characters will look like in the ’80s:

Speaking of Mad Men, this video pokes fun at the show’s penchant for closing its episodes with a long tracking shot set to music:

Lastly, here is an honest trailer for the new Spider-Man movie:

Much fun that was. Great laughter we had. Next week will… you… I… see?