Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Shares a Photo of Her New Baby

World, meet the newest addition to Chris Hemsworth’s family!

The Thor star’s wife, Elsa Pataky, shared an adorable photo of the couple’s son on her Instagram this week. In the sweet family shot, the actress — who gave birth to twin boys Tristan and Sasha late March — is seen topless as she cradles one of her two newborns.

In a blog post for Glamour Spain, the mother-of-three stressed about how she likes to swaddle her babies when she’s carrying them.

“Although you may think it looks like they’re putting [on] a straitjacket, for them it’s like being back in the tummy, warm and barely moving,” she wrote (translated from her native Spanish) about swaddling. “It is very easy.”

And it sure makes the baby look extra adorable!