Ellen Page Says It Was ‘Toxic’ Living in the Closet

Back in February 2014, Ellen Page delivered a coming out speech at the “Tie To Thrive” conference of Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation.

“I am so proud of you for coming out, and I am so happy for you,” Ellen DeGeneres said (Page was a guest on Ellen’s talk show). “I know what a scary thing that is.”

Page was humbled by the compliment, and remained visually struck by her own words after a small clip of the speech was aired, saying “I think my biggest fear of doing it was having a panic attack, quite frankly. I was just so ready to do it, and so excited to do it.”

Hiding her sexual orientation had become draining and isolating, Page adds.

“It’s toxic,” she says. “I was carrying a tremendous amount of shame and guilt for not being out, and I felt isolated from the LGBT community. And now I don’t.”

Page said DeGeneres was as a source of strength and inspiration, bringing up Ellen’s difficult coming out story from the ’90s.

“[I’m] grateful to you, because you did it in a time when it was much harder and much scarier,” Page said. “I knew I would be a happier person. I knew I was going to feel better … It’s really been quite extrordinary to feel the shift.”

Asked by DeGeneres how she had felt since coming out, Page emphasized that it had been a weight off her mind.

“I did not anticipate just how happy I would feel in just every aspect of my life just an ease and a comfort and it’s really been quite extraordinary to feel just the shift it was pretty much overnight too. Just a weight.”

“It’s so nice to just you know be at work and talk about an ex or you know get to wear what you want and not have a conversation about it and to feel like you’re being yourself and then connect with people in the world.”