Rita Ora Shows Boobs And Grabs Crotch for Terry Richardson Shoot

Wellp… It’s now very clear why men like Nick Jonas and Rob Kardasian are so obsessed with Rita Ora.

From her luscious lips to her tight and toned tummy, she’s SMOKIN’! Not to mention, she’s very well-endowed, you know, up there... As proven by her sultry new photoshoot with Terry Richardson.

While I’m not at all pleased that celebs are still shooting with an alleged molester, these pictures captivate exactly why I’m all about Rita Ora right now.  She’s able to add some sexiness to her silly personality without taking herself too seriously.

The photos were released just a few days after the singer claimed Nick Jonas wrote a song about his heartbreak over her… And now we see just what he was lusting over.

However, we’re sure to see some major backlash stemming from the photos and continued allegations that Rita is trying to be more and more like Rihanna (after all, just yesterday RiRi shared her own nipple-baring, topless photos).

Regardless, the up-and-coming starlet is making waves… And these photos are only going to add to that.

Launch the gallery above to see all the racy pics!