Seth Rogen Talks Kimye Wedding, Mila Kunis’ Baby Bump, Justin Bieber Taunts Rob Ford: A Roundup

Seth Rogen Explains Why It’s a Bad Idea for Him to Attend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wedding

The Neighbors’ star, who famously spoofed Kimye’s famous “Bound 2″ music video, says he won’t be attending the couple’s lavish wedding. Find out why he’s turning down the much-coveted invite on Huffington Post.

Mila Kunis Is Baby Bumpin’ During Prenatal Yoga Class

The expectant mom isn’t letting her baby belly get in the way of her exercise routine. Literally. See photos of the actress’ budding bump at yoga class on Us Weekly.

Justin Bieber Taunts Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

The “We Were Born for This” crooner reportedly taunted the troubled mayor during a recent encounter at a nightclub, poking fun at the political figure’s infamous crack scandal. Find out what Biebs said to Ford on Starpulse.

Ashley Benson Shows Off Her Bikini Body

The Pretty Little Liars star is harkening back to her Spring Breakers days! Fox News has photos of her new bikini look.

Amanda Seyfried Says Boyfriend Justin Long Makes Fun of the “Stick Up Her Ass”

The Mean Girls actress says she likes her boyfriend to deflate her ego sometimes. Gossip Cop has details on their down-to-earth relationship.

Man Stereo Equipment Confiscated for Blasting Too Much Celine Dion

British authorities have seized a man’s iPod, speakers, 3D TV and PlayStation after he was caught playing “My Heart Will Go On” non-stop. The Frisky has more on this bizarre story.