Bradley Cooper is Beefy and Bearded Now

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Bradley Cooper is all business when it comes to his craft. The Silver Linings Playbook star has reportedly put on 40 pounds of muscle for his next project, American Sniper, and the 39-year-old was spotted showing off his brawny build and bushy beard in a tight t-shirt as he left the Tom Ford store in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Cooper will play Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film about the Navy SEAL, based on Kyle’s autobiography, in which the sniper claims to have committed 255 kills throughout his military career.

Nashville actor Eric Close, who co-stars in Sniper recently spoke of Cooper’s dedication to E! News, “He put on like 40 pounds. He’s really been working hard. He looks great. He’s really taken on this character. He really takes this story personally and wants to do an honorable job for Chris’ memory and for his family.”

The film also stars Sienna Miller as Kyle’s (Cooper) wife Taya in the film, and will be released some time next year. To see more photos of a beefy Bradley, check out the gallery above.