James Franco Strips Down for a Racy Instagram Shot

James Franco
Phone screenshots uploaded to Imgur appear to show James Franco texting with a 17-year-old girl.
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Just when you thought the madness was over, James Franco and his Instagram feed are making news again. This time it's thanks to a nearly-nude selfie Franco posted of himself, and then promptly deleted. Franco posted the picture Thursday night with the caption "JUMP ROPE" but by Friday morning, the picture had been deleted.

James Franco posted this racy shot on Instagram, then promptly deleted it.

Besides the very most obvious reason, for the attention, it's not really clear why Franco posted the picture in the first place. But, uh, there it is. Enjoy it world.



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  • Lauren Bigam
    Lauren Bigam

    So this is wrong but miley cyrus nikki minaj and rhianna do it all the time. Gtfoh! Bare it franco bare it all

  • Allisha Irreplaceable Peters
    Allisha Irreplaceable Peters

    The pic looks good to me bit if he had abs an muscles looking like hulk y'all wouldn't had complain thou.you ppl need to leave the guy alone an stop being so judgmental.he is funny who makes a lot jks so he prob just did it for fun but you fools had to take it serious an make headline out of it just cause he's a celeb.normal ppl do that shit everyday ain't nobody complaining or making it news.James seems like a really nice guy now you attention seeking publishers just want to spoils his character.#teamjfranco <3

  • Kelly Anne Wagner
    Kelly Anne Wagner

    Women show alot more than he did like Miley Cyrus so it's kinda nice seeing a great looking guy baring his chest!

  • Dalene Morgan Becerra
    Dalene Morgan Becerra

    It's gross. I deleted his FB page. I don't want to see that!

  • Tillee Shelton
    Tillee Shelton

    Sorry, butit this ain't the worst thing he has done! Lay off the man all the media is about now a days is drama drama drama!!