Lea Michele Really Loving Herself Leads Today's Star Sightings

UPDATE: Oops! Sorry, we goofed. We got some bad intel that the cake had Lea Michele's name on it. Luckily, some of you guys were smart enough to call us out on it. Still, you can't deny that Naya Rivera is still probably pissed that she missed out on cake. (I mean, I would be.)

Somewhere in Los Angeles, an unemployed Naya Rivera is seething right now.

The now-single starlet's rumored nemesis, Lea Michele, was given with a giant cake on the set of Glee this week following the news that Rivera has been written out of the popular Fox series. As if there weren't already enough salt on the wounds, the literal icing on the cake to this story was that Michele's surprise sweet treat from her cast and crew read, "We Love You, Lea!" Ouch.

I guess we now know where people stood during this Lea vs. Naya feud.

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  • rachel

    Maybe you should have actually looked at the cake and the O at the end instead of the intel.

  • somethingawful724

    That cake actually says We Love You Leo (as in, the crewman holding the cake whose birthday it actually is), and Fox already stated that Naya isn't fired. WTF is this fail of an article??

  • rachel

    It say We love you LEO, it was a crew members b-day. SMH.

  • Kody Joseph
    Kody Joseph

    Actually, that is Lea singing Happy Birthday to a crew member and HIS chocolate-chip cookie cake. But, I'm sure the cast and crew do love Lea for getting through this tough season.