Robert Pattinson is Getting Dirty

RPattz On Set
Robert Pattinson on the set of 'Maps to the Stars'.
Robert Pattinson is getting a little dirty these days!  But unfortunately, it’s not a new sex scene or a raunchy leaked photo like we all secretly hoped…

Instead, the mega-hottie is doused in paint for the new issue of French magazine Première, and somehow still manages to look just as sexy as ever.

The 27-year-old actor puts on a pouted face in lipstick (or blood, bringing back his vampire days?) and a patterned shirt for the cover of the Cannes issue, which is fitting as he’ll be premiering his next big film Maps to the Stars at the upcoming festival starting May 14 (in which there is a raunchy sex scene, you know, in case you’re still craving that).

While the excitement of his new movie will definitely overshadow anything else that happens at Cannes, there is a slight chance R. Pattz will have an awkward encounter with ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who will also be in attendance for her upcoming film Clouds of Sils Maria.

Perhaps that’s why he looks a bit blue in the photo?