WTF is Scott Speedman Wearing?

Kooky Ben?

The beloved former Felicity star, Scott Speedman was seen walking back to his hotel from the gym after playing some basketball earlier today (May 02, 2014).

He got caught out in the rain, but didn’t really seem to mind. I’m not sure if the outfit was do to a bad hair day, or if the hood was in lieu of a umbrella, but it wasn’t the most flattering look to say the least.

Speedman has lined up his next film project. He is set to join Patricia Clarkson in Ruba Nadda’s upcoming drama October Gale.

In the film, “Speedman plays a mysterious man who, during a violent October storm, washes up on the shore of Helen Matthews’ remote island cottage, unconscious and bleeding from a gunshot wound. Clarkson plays the recently widowed doctor who takes him in, only to find that the shooter is coming back to finish the job and that the storm has cut them off from the mainland.”

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