Kelly Osbourne is Rocking a New Purple Pompadour

Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga have a very complicated relationship.
Someone needs to stop Kelly Osbourne before she goes all G.I. Jane on us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of loving her brand new pompadour, but I’m a little afraid she has some sort of weird addiction to her pair of hair clippers.

The Fashion Police star debuted the newest version of her hairstyle over the weekend, sharing a lot of pictures of the process on Instagram.

Buzzed nearly to the top of her head and swept towards the back, Kelly’s new ‘do is a lot like the retro style that a lot of men are rocking in the hipster communities of America. Kelly’s hair has been getting shorter and shorter for weeks now, even rocking a mohawk at one point.

Ironically enough, she and her brother Jack basically have the same cut.

It’s probably the most out of the box Kelly has been with her hair since the olden days when her family was still filming The Osbournes.