Super Slim Jessica Simpson Has Legs for Days at the Airport

Jessica Simpson's daughter is just as blonde as her mom. Read More »

Most people wear their comfy clothes when they fly across the country, but Jessica Simpson isn't most people.

The fashionista was spotted in arriving in Washington, D.C. on Saturday wearing heels and a mini, presumably to attend this weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

I've gotta say, the former singer and reality starlet looks amazing. All that Weight Watchers must be paying off, because I'm not sure how anyone could criticize her amazing figure these days.

And, just because she's freaking adorable, here's a Twitpic of Jessica and Eric Johnson's first childĀ Maxwell Drew Johnson.



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  • deeadra

    Don't know who the 'Heather Skye' person is but,I do know she is either extremely jealous or just a very,very sad person with no life,family or a man that loves her so she compensates by making mean,nasty comments about those that do.

  • Charlotte Whigham
    Charlotte Whigham

    Jessica looks beautiful. She lost that weight, and is gorgeous, I just hope that she is being truthful about how she lost the wait. People believe weight watchers did it, and I hope for the sake of those who will try it, that she is being truthful. She is a good look for her, I don't like her heavier.

  • Lou Thompson
    Lou Thompson

    thank god we are not subjected to pictures of Heather Skye . she looks like a pig that has been vomited on!

  • Heather Skye
    Heather Skye

    You, the uneducated, kiss-ass media, don't even understand what "legs for days" even means! It means long, lean legs. Jessica has short, ugly, tree stumps for legs, and her kids, especially her daughter, looks slow. Considering the parents, it doesn't surprise me.

  • Charles Blackwell
    Charles Blackwell

    She will never be slim.