The Best & Worst Fashion at the 140th Kentucky Derby

Larry Birkhead tells 'GMA' his daughter is doing as well as can be expected.
Each and every year the Kentucky Derby attracts fashions and hats it never knew it wanted. This year was no different and Hollywood didn’t disappoint.

In hues of bright colors and giant head pieces, the list of celebrities in attendance for the 140th Derby included Angela Bassett, Stephen Amell, Kris Humphries, Miranda Lambert, and even Pete Wentz.

My favorite though, is little Dannielynn Birkhead. Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter and Kentucky Derby staple looked adorable as always and could quite possibly be her mother’s doppelgänger.

You’ve got to check out the massive photo gallery above. Some of those outfits are sure to have you begging for a return to the layers of winter.