Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Went Zip-Lining, and the Internet Was Never the Same

"And lo," said the Internet Gods, soon after the masses had moved on from Sad Keanu, "please accept our latest gift: this photo of Kim Kardashian and a very sad-looking Kanye West zip-lining in Mexico." And then there were memes. And, of course, captions:

"No one ever wants a picture with me" - Kimberly

"Hold on Kanye I'm gonna let you finish, but first Let me take a selfie." - Celina

"Man she got me out here doing this white people sh*t" - Stephanie

"Kanye Rest" - Mark

"Man....this is embarrassing...I just couldn't go....they should have pushed me...." - Lauren

"Nobody ever wants a picture with Yeezus" - Erin

"Hey Kim, I'm really happy for you and I'm gunna let you finish but Beyonce did the best zip line of all time.... of all time!" - Stephanie

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