Met Gala 2014: Worst Dressed

As with any themed party, there are typically four types of fashion categories people fit within at the Met Gala: 1) Those who dress the part impeccably and look great doing it; 2) Those who don't dress the part but still look okay; 3) Those who dress the part but can't pull it off; and 4) Those who seriously just fail.

While we've already seen all those who fit in the first two categories and made the cut for our Best Dressed list, there are many who (unfortunately) fell into the latter two.

Now, before you get to thinking I'm just hating on people, I want you to know: I condone those who think outside the box when it comes to fashion... But, you guys, there's a very (very) fine line between thinking outside the box and dressing like an absolute trainwreck.

I will leave you with one thing, though: This year's "White Tie and Decorations" theme was definitely a little confusing, which explains why some celebs just didn't get it.

With that, launch the gallery above to see who flubbed at tonight's Met Gala, falling onto our list of Worst Dressed.



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