Naya Rivera Would Like You to See How Not Fired She Is, Posts Bikini Photos from Mexico

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele Glee
Are Naya Rivera and Lea Michele really feuding on the set of 'Glee?' Read More »

In case there was any doubt, Naya Rivera would like to make sure you know she still has her day job. Why else would the Glee actress share photos of herself vacationing in Mexico and living large? Oh, to show off her bikini body for all to admire and envy? Perhaps.

The 27-year-old single beauty shared a few photos with her Instagram followers the last few days, and they feature the "Sorry" singer flaunting her flawless figure in bikinis.

Naya captioned this one: "Nailing it..." In this one, she's still "#nailingit" And finally, "Look back at it..."

Rivera's been dodging rumors she wouldn't be returning for the sixth and final season of the hit show Glee after being written out of the season five finale. What's more, the word on the street/web is her nemesis Lea Michele was responsible for Naya's exclusion from this season's final show.

But hey, whatever. LOOK AT THAT BOD.



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  • Barbara DeFranco
    Barbara DeFranco

    Thanks for your input Kody Joseph. You're right; I don't know much about union contracts. Celebuzz is more of celeb gossip/news site and not an industry trade web site, but thanks for reading despite our flaws :)

  • Kody Joseph
    Kody Joseph

    I think this is the same site that reported that Lea was given a cookie cake that read I love Lea when it was actually I love Leo - a crew member's birthday cake. The site later admitted the mistake, but fact checking can be a good thing.

  • Kody Joseph
    Kody Joseph

    Also on the street/web and people who actually know, Lea Michele was not responsible for casting or uncasting anyone for the finale. Whoever wrote this does not know much about union contracts.


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